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1  -   Who are Affiliate Dating Ltd?

2  -   What is the opportunity?

3  -   What are the costs?

4  -   Your role & the support you get?

5  -   Testimonials

6  -   What are the next steps?

7  -   Notice
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1. Who are Affiliate Dating Ltd?

In 1999 Soulmates Online Dating Services was established to provide an online dating website for Cornwall based on a 'Local' service.

In 2001 Soulmates Online Dating Services became Soulmates Click.

In 2002 We established a network of Websites County by County across the UK.
These sites were all linked together to form a shared network.

In 2003 With the inception of Google Ad Words, Our expertise in this field establishes our websites as Top Ranking, first-page positions for every county across the UK.

In 2004 We had outgrown the system that was originally built as a local dating service.
Affiliate Dating Ltd was established
and we launched our fully functional system using cutting edge technology.

In 2005 With the launch of the new system we were able to supply our data to new online dating companies as well as speed dating and introduction services and we now supply our services to over 60% of all UK based Introduction services and over 70% of all UK based Speed dating and events companies.

In 2006 We developed our new Online Dating Franchise product and set up 64 territories county by county across the UK.

2007 To the present: We have continued to grow month on month, year on year.
Our network now receives in excess of 1 million hits and over 400,000 unique visitors per month with thousands of new members joining monthly.

We continue to provide:

Successful Franchise Territories with ongoing training, advice and support for our Franchisee's.

Data Services
to new online dating website companies needing an active database of live motivated singles from day 1.

Individuals / Entrepreneurs / New start up's - Fully functional, fully customised / branded, Turn Key - Online Dating Systems.


2. What is the Opportunity we offer?

We offer the following services:

We will provide you with an established top ranking website which is targeted to a specific County of the UK plus other domain URL's registered to us for that Territory.

Most territories have existing traffic flow and income production which will be assigned to you as part of your Franchise package.

The websites will be run by the very latest version of our software and will be populated with our full database of motivated singles across the UK who are all fully supported by us. This means you won’t have to sit there approving profiles / images, answering support emails or enquiries, we take care of all of that for you.

Your new Franchise will be hosted on our servers and you will receive system improvements and  software developments as and when they are released absolutely free.

Payments for memberships are collected via a secure payment gateway and you will receive your commissions monthly. Commissions are uncapped so the more traffic you can get to your site the more you will earn, it’s in your hands.

We provide you with a fully comprehensive 'Marketing Manual' plus Training on your system and  Google Ad Words plus ongoing advice and support for both online and off-line marketing to ensure you achieve a very good return on your investment.

**You will own the data built up in your new database so if you want to introduce other services to your members in the future you can do so.


3. What are the Costs?

The cost of a territory is based upon the existing income production for that territory however all territories have a minimum starting price of £4000.00 plus vat for a 2 year licence.

We provide a 2 year Franchise Licence for a specific geographical territory in which the established high ranking websites are assigned to the licensee. In most territories the websites have residual income which is often more than the cost of the licence fee, so effectively the licence costs nothing.

The cost to renew the licence fee when it is due for renewal after 2 years is fixed so no matter how much income a franchisee is generating we will not increase the cost to renew the licence unlike most other franchises. After all, if you the franchisee have invested money into marketing your business and are reaping the rewards of those efforts, why should you be penalised?

We provide all the back end support to members, we police profiles and images, administrate the secure online payment gateways and we still pay you the Licensee a massive 80% net commission for every 1st and every auto renewal payment collected.

Your website will have our latest back end System which uses cutting edge technology and is a market leading online dating system and includes the following functionality:

Video Chat
Video Instant Messenger
Internal email
Favourites lists
Who's online

Profile views
Edit details
Edit profile
Search by area / postcode
Search by interest
Top local users
Pre-set search
Free kisses

Weekly email system
Central admin facility
Full web statistics
Check stats in real time 24/7
Full user statistics
Set your own monthly fees

All system updates and improvements are absolutely FREE.


Your franchise websites will be populated with our full database of live motivated singles numbering hundreds of thousands of members across the UK - giving you a 'Turn Key' business with potential
income and Return On your Investment from Day 1.


4. What is your role?

Your role is to Market your Online Dating Website, In other words - Tell people about it!

This is done in two ways - online and off-line.

Online: Use advertising like Google's Ad Words pay per click campaigns, as well as exchange links & banners with other websites that share common themes or geographical areas of coverage similar to your own website.

Off-line: Examples of offline marketing are adverts using the local or national press, monthly magazines, buses, trains, flyers and local radio etc.

The simple aim is to get people to visit your website, interact with the existing members by using the interactive functionality of the website which encourages the visitor to join as a fee paying member, when they do you make very high commissions.
Quite simply, the more visitors you have the more money you will make, commissions are uncapped!

4. What support do you get?

You will receive a comprehensive 'Marketing Manual' which advises you on routes to market for both online and offline marketing.

We will provide you with an advert for advertising in newspapers and magazines.

We will provide you with a banner and training on link exchanges.

We will train You on your password protected admin area and all the facilities therein.

We will set up and train you on your targeted Google Ad Words campaigns including Google Analytic's, tracking and Reports so that you can assess and monitor / improve your results from your Ad Words campaigns.

We will police all profiles to ensure that only genuine motivated singles access and use your site and our system.

We will pay you monthly commissions for both 1st payments and all auto-renewals collected.

We will host your website on our servers and your site will receive Free updates as and when they are released.

We provide you with a Dedicated Account Manager who will provide you with ongoing advice and support.


5. Testimonials

With any new business opportunity it is important to look at its existing clients and to gain some feedback from those clients about the opportunity available.

Please see below a selection of testimonials from some of our clients.



Dear Friend,

"I moved my website to Affiliate Dating in July 2006. At the time, we had a few friends and family using the site, and almost no paying members. With the benefit of Affiliate Dating’s database, and their full support I have gone from zero income to over £10,000 per month within 18 months, and as we have very good retention of members I have no doubt that we will continue to see strong growth in our income for many years.

Affiliate Dating provided everything I needed to make my business a success. I concentrate on the marketing and advertising and they deal with everything else from vetting the members, to processing the credit cards and policing the activity on the site.

It takes me a few hours a week to earn a very healthy profit, and I couldn't’t have done without Affiliate Dating. I investigated a number of other dating companies and found Affiliate Dating are offering a far better service, at about half the cost of their competitors, so I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone considering setting up an online dating business.

I would be happy to talk to anyone who would like more information on my experience."
- Mike



Dear Friend,

"We had previously run a dating agency on the back of our core business which is a successful rural / farm recruitment website.

Although we held over 4000 profiles we only had about 120 current paid up members and the advertising and other costs were using up most of the income.

We decided to enter into a contract with Affiliate Dating and were very impressed with how quickly and efficiently they adapted their website to accommodate all our corporate colours and logos. Their software people were brilliant at picking up our data base and absorbing our members into the   system.

The changeover only started in early April and signs are fairly optimistic. Our members now have an enormous search data base from which to find prospective partners. We think that by month 4 we will be surpassing our previous income without the hassle of the daily running of the site and all the software issues that have dogged us in the past.

The back site is very well set out and simple. At all times the staff at Affiliate have been more than helpful and pleasantly efficient.

I hope this is of some help"




Dear Friend,

Re: Affiliate Dating Ltd

"Please be advised that I have always found ADL very professional to deal with.

We have also had good service and prompt payments from ADL.

ADL continue to provide a deal that is very competitive when compared to direct competitors."




Dear Friend,

"I started my online dating website as a semi serious business but after a year of trading I was no further forward than when I started. ADL contacted me and I was impressed with the deal that they were offering. As soon as ADL revamped my website and added their database I began to make money!

I would recommend their services to any other company or individual and I am very grateful to them for their excellent support with Ad Words and the general marketing of my business. I am making more money than ever and have month on month growth."

Mrs N S.



Dear Friend,

"I was looking for a new business venture in order to provide my children with an income for the future, I came across ADL's Franchise opportunity and having looked at all the information available decided to take up the opportunity.

I am very glad that I did because in my first month I started to see a return on my investment and the signs are very encouraging for the future.

The support that I have received from ADL has been 1st class. They are very professional and have been instrumental in supporting me in a new business that I had previously not known much about.
They have always been there to answer any question no matter how simple and I would recommend their franchise opportunity."

Mr P B - Franchisee.


7. Notice

The Examples of illustrated earnings/models incorporated or referred to in this Prospectus or other documentation supplied as part of our sales literature or promotional information is given for projection and example purposes only. You must draw your own conclusions from our examples of earnings/forecasts/testimonials.

We cannot guarantee that you will achieve a minimum level of earnings, as this is directly proportionate to your individual activity.

The Franchise License opportunity presented in this prospectus is based on a generic business model – you must decide if you feel there is sufficient demand in your geographic county area for the product/services presented to be successful.

You should take the advice of an independent accountant and solicitor. If you become our licensee, you will be an independent business whilst we will give you the benefit of our experience, know-how and brand name, we shall not be sharing in your financial risk.   


0845 643 5572

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